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Count Me Out of Little House

Welcome to my very first ever blog post. I’m starting out with a little story about what happened to me yesterday — and my responses to it. I hope y’all enjoy it.

I have discovered that I would make the worst inhabitant of the “Little House on the Prairie”. What did we ever do before cell phones and internet? I had no idea just how attached to it all I was, or how freaked out I’d be without it — until this particular day.

This particular day, the day I first set up a blog (with the help of a friend). This day, the day that my husband Jim is not coming home from work until about 10:00 p.m. due to Parent Night at the school where he teaches (an hour away from our home). This day when I have a lot of work to do in the afternoon. This day of all days, I come home from setting up this here blog in a coffee shop with a friend and picking up Sapphire from preschool to discover that I have no internet at home. My first thought is that my laptop is no longer connected to our home network because I connected to the network in the coffee shop. Nope, that’s all good.

Then I think maybe it’s our internet so I test this theory by trying to log on via our desktop computer. That doesn’t work either. So I think “modem issue”. As my wonderful techie husband has taught me, I cycle the modem and turn off and back on the wireless router. Still nothing. Having exhausted my tech knowledge, I check Jim’s schedule at school and determine that he is at lunch at that very moment. Excellent! I will have instant tech help.

Hold the phone (literally). I’m not that lucky. I pick up the phone receiver and hear a beeping much like a busy signal. Now I consider myself a rather intelligent person. Surely, I can handle a phone being off the hook (or still turned on). But no, I check all the phones and they are all turned off, but when I pick them up, they all talk to me in the language of beeps. Urrrrgh!

Well, no problem, we have the technology to text, so I text Jim that our phone and internet are down and please call me on my cell if he needs to reach me. That’ll do it. He’ll report the outage and he can get a hold of me if he needs to. It’s all good.

So, having all that settled, but being unable to work (I work online), I decide to take a much needed rest period and actually read a book. Then, after a while I check the clock and see that it’s time for Part 2 of Dr. Phil’s interview with George and Cindy Anthony. Sounds interesting. Nice. Quiet. Afternoon.

During the show, I decide I should actually have my cell phone where I can hear it since it’s the only way anyone can reach me, so I go downstairs to pick it up and inadvertently glance at it. My text wasn’t sent. Hmmmm.

OK, no problem, school is out by now, so I’ll just call Jim and let him know everything’s out but cell service and ask him to report it from work. That’s weird, no signal. I always have signal in my house. No worries. I’ll go outside. One bar if I hold really still. That’ll work. Uh, the bar disappears the instant I raise my phone to my ear. OK, I’ll kneel to the level it was at in my hand originally. No, that doesn’t work. Every time I get enough signal to make a call and the phone begins ringing, it cuts off before Jim answers. Once, I actually get Google Voice and start to leave a message. I get three words out before “beep”; I’m cut off. Once, I actually get Jim, but the call is terminated before I can even say “hello”.

Now, I’m starting to get freaked out. I have no phone, no internet, NO cell service. Aaaaaaah!!! I’m stuck in the land of nowhere with no way to connect to the world! I might as well be on a deserted island! What am I going to do if I can’t call anyone or even check e-mail? What if someone needs to reach me urgently? Keep in mind, I can’t remember the last urgent call I got, but I just know that this day Emerald’s school or Jim or my mother-in-law or my brother or countless others are going to have to call me. And on top of that, how can I ask Jim to please pick up cat food when he goes to the pet store for puppy food? The poor kitties will starve!

Of course, it takes a few minutes for me to realize that I have a car with gasoline in it and can go elsewhere to use my cell phone if necessary. And I can most certainly go out to buy the cat food myself.

Finally my mind stops racing about how horrible this all is and I actually chuckle to myself about how silly I am. Until 15 years ago, I didn’t have internet. Until 13 years ago, I didn’t have a cell phone. I survived just fine. And although I did grow up with landline phone service, I truly talk on the phone once or twice a day at most. It’s really OK. I guess I just needed the adrenaline rush.

Now about that cat food . . .

So what about y’all? Are you as dependent on (and completely lost without) technology as I’m finding I am or are you comfortable without these modern day devices? Which technologies would you miss the most if you didn’t have them?


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  1. Oh, Andrea, I am completely lost without Internet access. I always decamp to a coffee shop with a wireless network if I cannot get on at my house!

  2. I for one cannot live without internet. I even took my laptop with me to Europe for spring break. And, while we were in England, we bought a cheap cell phone with pay-as-you-go minutes so that our friends there would have a way to get in touch with us.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Mary Bledsoe said:

    Just a little something else to fill your spare time! Love hearing about Sapphire and Emerald.

    What in the world was wrong with your internet/phone whole system? Hope everything is all right now. I can relate to the feeling after experiencing the power being out last week.

    Did Jim get the cat food as well as puppy food?

  4. mbkayMarian said:

    I love my internet as I GOOGLE everything 😉 but I’d miss my cell phone the most as I like to always feel that I can get in touch with Family and Friends whenever I need to.

    I am so loving your blog already!

    • and here is another great feature of technology 😉 Not sure how to remove the mbkay in front of my name or how it got there (LOL)

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