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Singing in the Rain

I cannot carry a tune. So until about 10 ½ years ago, I never sang solo in public. I would sing in groups, because even though I sound like a lovesick marmot, I actually love to sing. I’d sing in the shower. I’d sing just about anywhere at home. But you would never see me singing in the driveway, in the grocery store, or at an amusement park. Not until Emerald was born.

I learned early that that precious little baby wasn’t an American Idol judge. She just loved the comfort of my singing. I soon branched out and started a song and dance routine to the title song from one of my favorite movies, “Singing in the Rain”. That was the magical cure for anything that was upsetting her. I would hold her in my arms, dance around, and belt out that lovely tune. She’d calm down and giggle.

It didn’t matter where we were, at the photo studio trying to get her first professional baby pictures, in the baby food aisle at Giant, or in the middle of the neighborhood. My singing kept her entertained and happy.

Having learned what a great cheerer upper singing was for Emerald, I never questioned continuing the tradition with Sapphire.

Imagine my delight when a few years ago, Emerald’s tap dance routine for her recital was titled “Dancing in the Rain,” danced to “Singing to the Rain”. It brought back memories for Emerald and me. And Sapphire was delighted to hear about our history with that song (as she was too little to remember it first-hand).

We have branched out to other songs, but the three of us still love to entertain ourselves. This summer, while waiting in line at a local amusement park, we passed the time by singing (and doing the accompanying dance) to “Hokey Pokey” which was streaming over the Sesame Street area of the park. We got lots of looks from parents, but several kids around us shyly joined in and my girls and I had a ball. We just smiled at all those who thought we were strange, and kept doing our best show.

And sometimes, we return to our ol’ fave. . . This past week here in Virginia, we have had rain, rain, and more rain. The sky may be a dreary, dark gray, and the puppies may get muddy every time they go outside, but Sapphire and I have been having more fun doing Gene Kelly’s famous number with umbrellas as props. We stand on the driveway waiting for Emerald’s bus, lean on our umbrellas as if they are canes, dance in a circle around them, waving our free arms — and sing. As soon as we finish (which isn’t long after the start since we only remember about seven lines of the song), Sapphire giggles and starts again, with me following her lead. We have had more laughs and more memorable moments during this soggy week.

So while in the past, I would have asked for rain at night and sunny — but cool — weather during the day, I now say, bring on the rain. Sapphire and I are just warming up.

So what about you? Do you sing in public and if so, is there a particular song that motivates you to perform wherever you are?


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