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Sapphire’s Fifth

Five years ago today, this beautiful baby girl came into our lives.

Almost from the moment she arrived, that little girl has hit the ground running. She had a big sister to keep up with.

Sometimes I look at my precious little BIG girl and don’t know where the time has gone. “Where’s my little baby?” I’ll ask her. “I growed up,” she’ll reply. At other times, I can’t believe how little she still is. She sometimes seems so much older. She’s a wise soul who can really teach this Mama a thing or two.

One of my biggest fears (in addition to not doing well enough by my girls and teaching them all they need to know in life — not just academics) is letting the time pass without enjoying their childhoods to the fullest. By this, I don’t mean extravagant trips or big ta-do-das. I mean spending meaningful time with them, listening to them speak, hearing what they have to say and how they view the world around them. Doing art projects with them. Spending every minute I can with them, really interacting with them, while they still want to spend that time with me.

Life is so simple at that age, and yet they understand so much. I love hearing Sapphire’s take on things she learns. I love that she has her own thoughts and ideas and that she wants to share them with me.

One of my favorite times with Sapphire is in the car. We live about 30 minutes from everything, so we spend a lot of time in the car. We pass the time talking to each other, sharing our ideas, exploring anything that pops into her head. She has lots of questions and follow-up questions. She wants to know the “why” of everything and although sometimes I don’t know that I’m the best person to explain some things to her, I love that she comes to me for answers and I love talking through what I do know and later looking up for her what I don’t know.

I love the “Mom watch this” moments. I love the newfound interest in spelling. The sounding out of words. That child is a sponge. If she’s heard Emerald say it, she knows it now for herself. There is a lot of “Hey Mom, 5 + 5 = 10.” There is a lot of “B b b basketball. There’s a lot of “C – A – T – that spells ‘cat’.” There’s a lot of “I can do that, too” when Emerald shows me something she’s doing.

I love the shapes she sees in clouds and the joy she gets when the sky appears pink at sunrise or sunset. I love her love of animals and her love for her friends.

I love her creativity and the fact that she’s not afraid to be herself — and I hope that continues.

I love that I have to figure out who is now my favorite four-year-old because as of today, Sapphire is five!!




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  1. Happy birthday to Sapphire!

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