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I am a planner. Always have been. That’s not to say I’m not adventurous. I just plan my adventures.

Yesterday Emerald got off the bus and almost immediately asked if her neighborhood friend could come over for dinner. She said they’d planned it on the bus. She knew, and I knew, that my answer was most likely going to be “not tonight”. Because that’s what I always say to requests of last-minute play dates in our house on school nights. There’s usually a long laundry list of things we have to do and I’m usually not comfortable having people in our house without making sure it’s completely presentable.

But yesterday the spontaneous spirit hit me. [OK, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been planning to try to be more spontaneous :)]. I did a quick once-over of the house, noted that Emerald had very little homework, quickly thought about whether we had enough dinner for an extra person (also called Jim to make sure he had no objection since he would be home soon) and said, “Sure, why not?” OK, I know there was a bit too much calculating in there to be truly spontaneous, but give a girl a break. I’m trying. 🙂

I half expected the friend’s mom to say no. Other people have plans, and homework, and well, just stuff to do, too. But I think this family has been riding the spontaneity bus a lot longer than I have and they have this down pat. The friend had another neighbor over at her house after school, but she could come over after that friend left, and stay for dinner.

And you know what? It was so fun for all involved. We need to do this again. [I should clarify that the girls have had impromptu play dates with friends outside, but it’s been years since we’ve just suddenly, unexpectedly invited someone for dinner.]

Continuing the “flying by the seat of our pants trend”, Sapphire got up this morning and chose a Christmas dress to wear to preschool. A Christmas dress before Halloween? After a 30 second or more pause, I decided I wasn’t one to stifle her self-expression, so I gave it my OK. Then she paired it with unicorn leggings. In the spirit of going with the flow, I added striped socks to the mix, helped her put on her new Twinkle Toes shoes, and out the door we headed.

When we got to school, her best bud’s grandmother asked if Sapphire and I would like to meet at a park after school. Absolutely! I’m loving this going without a plan thing. [I know, it technically is a plan since we talked about it this morning, but it’s a shorter-range plan]. In fact, I think for the rest of the day (after the park) I’m just gonna let the pieces fall in place with no advance thought from me. Well, except for getting the kids home, homework done, dinner on the table, showers/baths, and bed. It can’t be total chaos, after all. 🙂

So, will you join me and do at least one spontaneous thing today (and please share what it was)? If you’re naturally a spontaneous person, how about trying the other shoe on for size, just once (and again, let me know what it was you did and how it felt)?


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  1. My days are usually pretty well planned out, but I’ll definitely try to be more spontaneous.

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