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Physics Revisited

There’s no question Albert Einstein was a brilliant man, so I would NEVER presume to correct or even modify one of his theories.

I might suggest an alternative equation, though, for those of us who need things phrased in simpler terms. Instead of his famous Theory of Relativity (E=mc2), I prefer to think of energy like this:

= an abundance of energy


= an energy void

It’s really pretty easy. Just ask any mom.

OK, you can see how I’m feeling this Thursday. How about y’all? Does anyone feel full of energy, ready to go or are you with me and ready for a restful weekend?


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  1. I feel like our energy cycles are out of sync. When my kids have energy I need a nap, and when I want to get out and be active, they just want to sit at home and play the wii.

  2. Just to clarify in case it wasn’t clear. The illustrations above is meant to show that kids have tons of energy from morning to night and the mom is exhausted (I would love to have 1/10 of my kids’ energy). It’s not meant to say the mom is all alone, as it may look above. Sorry, Dear, if I was ambiguous!

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