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I have begun my Christmas shopping. And around here that means lots of deliveries from the Big. Brown. Truck. Our UPS driver is very familiar with our house around this time of year. And I don’t know if he considers that a good thing. 🙂

But visits from Big Brown mean piles of brown boxes in the foyer.

At least this year they do. In the usual year, I hide (OK, store, everyone knows they’re in there) the presents in my closet. But this year, my closet is still waiting to be decluttered and organized, so until I tend to that, there is no room for these new boxes of goodies.

And I have to admit, I’m kind of enjoying tantalizing the girls with the growing pile of boxes by the front door – just a leetle bit. 🙂 They know what this pile means, but they also know how I feel about keeping the surprise for Christmas morning. They are too worried that these bundles of fun will be sent back to wherever they came from to even try to sneak a peek. [Plus, truth be told, they don’t really want to know . . . yet.]

So they glance at the pile as they pass by and smile a little, thinking about what may be under the tree in a couple of months. It’s that anticipation that I find fun. It’s the little smiles. The knowing smiles that whatever is in those boxes they will love. Not just because whatever is in those boxes is fabulously fun, but also because their parents took the care to pick it out and order it two months in advance.

Now the wheels in their brains will start turning to what to give their loved ones. Because they enjoy giving almost as much as they enjoy receiving.

But now I think the tower of boxes has got to go. While I can appreciate the benefit of the pile, I am still a clutter-hater -disliker. So those boxes will have to find another home before more boxes arrive and the tower starts looking like the Tower of London (in the scale of our house, that is).

It is clear that it is time to go up the stairs to work on my closet. Maybe I’ll post a picture of that . . . Maybe not. 🙂

So what about y’all? (Squeal! I spelled it right!!). Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Do you shop online or in person, or a combo of the two? Where do you store all the goodies?


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  1. Wow! You have it all together! I am not a Christmas person, but I love buying gifts for family. It’s an activity (spending money on family) I love to do with my Mom. We go in December and make sure a pumpkin spice latte is involved.

  2. Yep, I started our shopping last month, when I also made a master list of everyone I need to shop for and ideas for most of those people. My goal is to have all non-C’ville people done by Thanksgiving and I usually hit that goal on time every year. That just leave the people in my household, the girls’ teachers, and few other local people. The teachers always get gift cards and nice notes from my girls. Local friends often get gourmet goodies. That leaves my family and usually by Thanksgiving, I’m done with the main part of my shopping for them and just stocking stuffers and a few odds and ends remain.

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