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Ever Fluid Plans

I know just about everybody will blog about Halloween today, so I am going to be completely unoriginal. But it was too special an evening not to tell you about it. 🙂

I mentioned last week that I was very late this year preparing for Halloween. In fact, the kids’ costumes just arrived last Tuesday. Well, as it turns out, our plans for the evening became just as last-minute.

For six years in a row, our Halloween plans were the same. We had dinner with our friends/next door neighbors (alternating years between their house and ours) and then went trick-or-treating together in our neighborhood. Two years ago, the plan was the same until Emerald came down with the flu, prompting us to cancel. Last year, both families did their own thing. And the number of neighbors giving out treats dwindled to just a few.

This year, we originally thought our family would go to the university in town for trick-or-treating on campus, something we have never done in our 11 years in this town. There are also a couple of houses on our street that we absolutely have to go to, because the families there look so forward to seeing our kids each year. So we were going to come home, hit 2 or 3 houses, and call it a night.

But then late last week, one of Emerald’s neighborhood friends announced that she and her mom were throwing a meet-and-greet party with the neighbors at their house, followed by trick-or-treating. Emerald has always loved the idea of trick-or-treating with friends and after our tradition with our next door neighbors came to an end, she has been asking each year (well, this year and last) if we could trick-or-treat with one of her friends.

So of course, we worked her friend’s party into our plans, still intending to go to the university early (trick-or-treating begins at 4:30, I believe) and then come home for the party and haunt the neighborhood with the group. Both kids were very excited.

Then at about 3:30ish in the afternoon, our next door neighbor called to see if we were going to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood and if we’d like to revive our old tradition. Would we! We have really lost touch with these dear friends and our annual Halloween tradition ensured that we would at least catch up once a year. Since that fell by the wayside, we really hadn’t talked to them more than a brief “hello” in Way. Too. Long.

My mind quickly hatched a plan. Of course, we wanted to go out with our old friends. We had also promised the kids we’d go to the neighborhood party. Well, it was a neighborhood party — the invite said “come mingle with your neighbors”. So I asked our neighbor if they would like to go with us to the party and trick-or-treating afterward. [Note: I did call the host to make sure this was OK. It turned out they meant to invite all the neighbors and somehow our friends were missed.]

To say Emerald was thrilled with the addition to the plans would be the understatement of the year. 🙂

By 5:30ish, Super Girl, the Mad Hatter, a witch, and a wizard were heading next door with 4 large pizzas and big smiles.

After a very fun dinner of catching up, we headed to the other side of the neighborhood to mingle.

There we found a larger gaggle of kids then we have seen in this neighborhood on Halloween since we’ve lived here. We joined right in and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over a fire pit and finally got to meet the neighbors who moved in across the street (and a house down) about a year ago. I knew the house had sold and someone had moved in, but I hadn’t even gotten a glimpse of their cars as they drove down the road. Jim said he had seen the husband walking their dog, but he didn’t know where he lived. It turns out we have a very nice young couple who are expecting their first baby in January living just across the road. Yay for another young family on the street!

After about 30 minutes of roasting and mingling, the whole gang hit the streets. And boy was that fun, too. We all kept saying how we had never seen so many people out in this neighborhood on Halloween — and we were all together! Unfortunately, although very cute, Super Girl’s boots were not made for walking, so the wizard ended up having to carry her most of the way. It was also very, very cold and the Mad Hatter wasn’t dressed for winter (although we did have a shawl for her she decided not to take with her since it wasn’t that cold when the trick-or-treating began). So the witch and our very sweet 14-year-old neighbor (Juliet or at least a Renaissance princess, I think) alternately shared their capes with the Mad Hatter.

By the end of the evening (actually 9:00), we had two full pumpkin buckets, frozen hands, and happy hearts. And two very sleepy girls.

On a sad note, the one neighbor who has always looked forward to our coming by the most (and the one that we enjoyed seeing the most) did not have her lights on. We’re hoping it’s just that we came by so much later than usual (and we hope we didn’t break her heart by not coming by in time), but we fear she wasn’t healthy enough to participate this year. We missed her and wish her the very best. The kids and I may drop by in a few days to check on her.

Other than that sad part, to quote Emerald, “it was the funnest Halloween ever”. Sapphire told me this morning, “yesterday was very fun”. Yes it was.

Now on to Thanksgiving and beyond. As our next door neighbor said, we now know we have a good group in the neighborhood for Christmas caroling. Hmmmm.

So did you revamp any old traditions or try something new this Halloween? I hope it was the best Halloween ever for you, too.

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  1. Sentiments echoed by your neighbor! 🙂

  2. I just realized I left out one change. We had decided to skip the university before our neighbor called. It just wasn’t practical with Emerald getting off the bus around 4:15 and the party at 6:00. It turned out much better this way!!

  3. Love these photos. The family’s costumes are great!

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