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Dining . . . Or Not

We are very glad in our household to have a dining room in addition to our eat-in kitchen. We have no idea what we would do without this room. No, we do not have tons of huge dinner parties for which we need lots of seating. No, we do not eat all of our dinners in the dining room and the earlier meals of the day in the kitchen. We actually eat in our dining room two times out of the year (a few more if we have enough people over for dinner to need the larger table). But our dining room is used as much as any other room in our house.

In fact, inanimate objects flock to our dining room by the droves. And when they are forced from their perches on the table, more take their place. I’m talking about the folded laundry, the full laundry basket, the serving pieces waiting to be put back in the proper dining room cabinet, and the packages waiting to be returned either in person or by mail.

After all of these things have all been shooed to their proper places, newly picked up dry cleaning, purchases that don’t yet have a place in our home, and freshly washed and folded linens waiting to be put away, rush in to occupy the largest elevated flat space in the downstairs of our home.

And let’s not leave the chairs out of this free-for-all space hogging. Bags of school supplies in the late summer, shirts waiting to be taken to the dry cleaners, ties that have previously accumulated in the car and have at last been chased out of there, and new clothes purchased online that are waiting to be tried on, all race to occupy the six chairs around the table.

It never seems to matter how many times anyone in this house moves said objects, they return. I think they do it just to get on my nerves . . .

Do you have a place in your house that never, ever seems to remain free from clutter for more than two seconds?

[I should mention in case you don’t believe that all this stuff climbs (or flies) up there by itself,  I am as guilty in this as anyone else in the house. I wouldn’t want you to think this is a shot at my dear husband (although I will say the ties, at least, are not mine). :)]


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  1. For us, it’s the kitchen island. I can’t keep it clear longer than 5 minutes.

  2. You’ve been to our house so you know the dining room is like that for us too. It’s the room between the living room and the kitchen so we pass through it all day. We have a huge table where the kids do their homework, I sew and make jewerly, we play on the laptop…but eat? Only when we have company do we use it as a real dining table and then I have to spend an hour figuring out where to put all the stuff we’ve piled on top!

  3. The big island in our kitchen. It drives me batty that everyone (except me) dumps stuff there.

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