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Yesterday as Jim, Sapphire, and I were on the way home from running errands, we got stopped in traffic. The digital sign said “Paving Ahead” and then:

I apologize for the glare; it reads “Except Delays”. Jim saw it before I did, laughed, and told me about the sign. I thought he said, “Accept Delays”. While I found that a little rude, it would be ironically and comically so. But “Except Delays”? Does that mean that there is only paving if there are no delays? One could only wish. As I mentioned, we were stuck in traffic and as we got further up the road, there was paving work occurring at the time.

No, I’m assuming that the intention of this sign was the usual “Expect Delays”, but for some reason the typo is still flying. Ironic? Funny? Sad?

I’ll let you decide. I think I may find it a little of all three.

Tomorrow I am taking part in JenontheEdge‘s Holiday Home Tour. Tune in to tour (virtually, of course) my family’s home all decorated for the holidays.


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