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Once again, as ideas for future posts were swirling in my head and I was deciding on which one I’d write next, something happened that changed my mind. This song came on the radio:

With tears in my eyes, I was momentarily taken over with emotion. This is what having a partner (and being a partner) is all about. It’s not about the good times (although it’s fun to have someone special around then, too). It’s when your whole world falls apart that you need to know you have someone to catch you. And I know without reservation, this is the kind of partner I have in Jim. Thankfully we are not dealing with any heavy issues right now, but he is, if you’ll forgive the expression, my rock when I need one. He has proven to me time and again that he is the person who will be strong for me when I can’t be strong for myself. I am feeling so blessed.

As the song ended and I was forming this post in my head, another song began (yes, I was listening to a country station):

This is another major part of my life right now. Two reminders, back-to-back.

Incredibly blessed indeed.


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  1. It’s awesome what songs can bring to mind eh? And definitely kewl that the two were back-to-back like that.

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