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A Year in the Life

One year ago today, these babies came into the world:

Raine is on the left and Riley on the right. They are Shichons (Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise mix).

In mid-March, we drove to the breeder’s house in Pennsylvania and picked them up. Today’s post is a photo gallery of Raine and Riley’s first year. Happy Birthday, Sweet Pups!!!!! [Tonight they’ll get their presents and some sort of “dog bone cake” — I’ll figure that one out later this morning. :)]

                       At a stop for lunch on the way home

                     One of the first runs in the yard, Raine chasing Emerald

                         First close-up at home

                         Playing with Emerald

                     Sapphire with Riley (one of Sapphire’s favorite pics)

                   Playing in the yard (in April)

                     Raine after a grooming (in June)

                    Riley and Emerald (in June)

                 On the sofa with a toy (in September)

                    Riley cuddling with Sapphire (in December)

       Raine — the bandana and “earrings” as Sapphire calls them didn’t last long (in December)

            Riley with one of their Christmas presents (a new bone)

             Raine checking out the Christmas loot (with Shadow)

Raine wearing her Martha Stewart coat, a Christmas present (I know, I know, but it was the warmest, easiest to put on one we could find.)

                   Riley in her M.S. coat (in December)


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  1. I think I could learn to like this breed. I’m not a fan of Shi Tzus. We are getting our new greyhounds this weekend. I will be documenting their lives with us too! Congrats on the Liebster Blog Award, BTW!

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