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This morning, as Sapphire was getting ready to go to preschool, she walked down the stairs and by the door to the room I was in at the time. While she was on the stairs, I thought I heard her say “Rich bi_ _ _ ” but I was sure I must have heard her wrong. As she passed by my door, I heard her more clearly. She was most definitely saying rich and the word that starts with “b” and rhymes with “rich”.

Instantly, I thought, “Where did she hear that?” Jim and I do not use that word and I can’t imagine where she would have heard that phrase. Could any of the movies/shows she’s watched have used it? I drew a blank. What would her preschool teachers think if she said that word in school?

Then I realized that the tone she used was kind of like she was reciting something, rather than calling someone something. She also clearly had no idea it was a word I didn’t want her to use. There was no coyness. There was no whispering. There was also no defiance. (Sapphire is rarely defiant.) That’s when I started to wonder if she was rhyming.

Very calmly, I said, “Sweetie, the second word you said, the one that starts with a “b”, that’s a bad word and we don’t say it, OK?”

“Oops!” she replied with a smile. “How about clitch? Rich clitch.”

“Ditch would work. Rich ditch,” I offered.

“Clitch. I like rich clitch.”

OK. 🙂

I love this stage. I love it a lot.


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  1. Heheh … would that b-word would be appropriate in your world if she were referring to a female dog? {ducks and runs}

    I was curious about the word and the impact on movie ratings since it seems so common a word to me – not that I use it commonly or in a derogatory way when I do, just saying I hear it alot, and I *can* say/type it {lol} – so l looked it up.

    Interestingly enough, the 1996 movie Jane Austen’s Emma reportedly had this word added to the dialog to “up” a movie rating from G to PG, and supposedly the dialog was even referring to a female dog. So from this it appears that in the movie world at least it’s the word, and not the context of its use, that’s a no-no.

    • I don’t have a problem saying or typing the word (although it’s not a word I generally use), but my 10-year-old reads my blog, so I’m not going to use it here. I don’t tend to like the word in any usage, but that’s just me.

  2. Rich snitch?
    Rich glitch?
    Rich finch?
    Rich hitch?
    Rich clinch?
    Rich pinch?

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