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When I was little, my siblings and I wondered how our mom knew what we were doing even when she was turned away from us, so we eventually asked her. She told us that all moms have eyes in the back of their heads. Those eyes develop as soon as you become a mother. When each of my daughters was little and asked me the same question, I passed the story onto them. I don’t remember having as many questions in my youth about this particular anatomical development as my girls have had, but I’ve had to wing answers periodically as time goes on.

Emerald is old enough that she long ago figured me out.  Whenever this topic comes up now, she gets a glint in her eye and gives me a sly smile, as if we share a secret. It’s very similar to the smiles I got this past holiday season when Sapphire mentioned Santa or the Elf on a Shelf. Emerald loves being in on the secret. For her, it was a seamless transition from believing to not.

It is with Sapphire, however, that I have begun to fear this little story is about to jump out and bite me on the butt. Several months ago, Sapphire and I were in the car and she said, “Mom, look at me.” She was directly behind me and I was driving in traffic and unable to even glance at her in the mirror at that moment. So I told her I wanted to see what she was showing me, but I couldn’t turn around just at that moment. I would when we stopped. She replied, “Use the eyes in the back of your head.” Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about those.

After some quick thinking I told her that the headrest was blocking those eyes. That seemed to satisfy her and she happily waited until I could safely look with the eyes on the front of my head.

Then the other day while she and I were waiting for Emerald’s bus, we were playing a game in which one of us walked backwards and the other approached, walking forwards. She started out going backwards, but with our slopey driveway, I was afraid she would trip and fall since she couldn’t see where she was going, so I suggested we change direction. We did and soon after, she said, “Yes, this is better because you can see where you’re going.” Huh? Oh yes. 🙂 A smile formed on my lips. It was all I could do not to giggle.

That kid is going to tie me up in my stories if I’m not very careful and very clever. She is one smart thinker.

On a side note, I’ve mentioned before that both of my girls are baton twirlers. This weekend, Emerald hit a twirling milestone. She, after much practice over the last few months, caught her very first full turn (in which you toss your baton into the air off your thumb, spin in a full circle, and then catch the baton). She was very excited and I’m so very proud of her! Way to go Emerald!!!


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  1. S is a smart girl. She is SO going to bust you before too long.

    Great job E with the new full turn!

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