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A Murphy’s Law Day

Before I start today’s post, I got a call yesterday from a dear friend, who lives in another state. She was just making sure that everything was okay because I hadn’t written a blog post in a week, which was unusual for me. I was very touched. I also wondered if anyone else had begun to worry about me and my family. So, in case you had wondered if all was hunky dory here, we are fine. It’s been a very busy month for us and we were out-of-town at the end of last week, but thankfully, nothing bad is afoot.

Yesterday, however, was an almost-comical Murphy’s Law kind of day, for me at least. Our puppies sleep in a crate together at night (because they are still very puppy-like and tend to chew on things when not supervised, and they still have accidents sometimes). Jim came downstairs first, as usual, and let them out. When I came down about a half-hour later, dressed in a dry clean only sweater, he informed me that Raine would need a bath because one of them had had an accident overnight and Raine had apparently lain in it and therefore had poop all matted in her fur. [Before anyone starts wondering why he didn’t take care of this himself, he was in the midst of helping to get Emerald ready for school: getting her breakfast, making her lunch, etc., and then he had to head out the door to work. I have no complaints whatsoever with how he spent his morning.]

OK, no problem. We’d get Emerald on the bus, get Sapphire all ready for preschool and then before I took her to preschool, I’d quickly bathe Raine. I could give Riley a bath in the afternoon, when I had more time. Emerald got on the bus. Jim left for work. Sapphire was dressed and had eaten. My plan was to bring Riley in and then take Raine straight up to the bathtub. Consistent with my plan, Riley came to the door first. Contrary to my plan, however, she was a mess! Her feet were covered in mud. She had leaves and pricklies stuck in her tail. There was no way I could leave her like this and go bathe her sister.

So, I carried Riley up to the already-prepped bathtub. Riley is the one of the two who really does not like a bath. She’s sweet about it, but it takes much more effort to keep her in the tub and to actually get her clean. Immediately upon entering the tub and getting wet, she proceeded to shake her body vigorously, to the extent that it sprayed the mud about a quarter of the way up the wall. Not to mention some of it coming in my direction. Oh man, I wasn’t dressed for this. My assistant Sapphire came to my rescue and made sure Riley stayed in the tub, while I changed into a robe. After that, I finished the bath and dried off the little pumpkin. Riley may be difficult to bathe, but she is super easy to dry. She just lays down on the towel happily and lets me rub her down.

One down, one to go. It was Raine’s turn. Quite the opposite of Riley, Raine doesn’t mind a bath so much (which is awesome because she is almost all white and to say she is fluffy is quite the understatement). In fact, Raine stands on two feet, wraps her front paws around my hand for balance and waits out the washing bit. I can’t say she seems to enjoy it, but she doesn’t shake and she doesn’t move. That is until I try to dry her. Also opposite Riley’s practices, this is the time Raine decides to shake for all she’s worth. She’s clean now. It’s time to get rid of the water.

So now I had two clean dogs and a filthy bathroom. I quickly cleaned up and got dressed again, just in time to take Sapphire to preschool and run off to a meeting. Everything went uneventfully for a couple of hours. After my meeting, I ran by the mall to pick up a few much-needed items (since I had time to kill before preschool pick-up). I finished early, so I sat in my car playing on my phone — that is until it rang. It was Emerald. She was in the nurse’s office at school because her stomach hurt. The nurse said she looked flushed and she appeared to feel bad.

Have I mentioned before that the girls’ schools are almost an hour away from each other? I now had to pick Sapphire up in 20 minutes. There’s no way I could get to Emerald’s school, pick her up, and get back to Sapphire’s preschool in time. I told Emerald that I would go get her, but I couldn’t get there until about 1:00. And boy did I feel bad. I also realized that since I didn’t expect to be going anywhere but home, I didn’t have any food for Sapphire in the car. She is always “starving” at pick-up. Oh well, she’d have to understand.

She did complain a bit, but overall she was a trooper. We picked up Emerald and headed home. After a little while of lying down in her room and resting, Emerald perked up and was fine the rest of the night, although she still did have periods of looking flushed. This morning she was fine and went to school.

I should mention that my keyboard also decided yesterday to start sticking on certain keys, the most annoying of which is the space bar. Ugh! I hope the canned air works.

While I am complaining a bit about a day where everything seemed to go wrong, I am the first to admit that none of it was really horrible. And for that I am truly thankful. Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday for all!

I’m sure you all have those kinds of days. What’s the one you remember the most?


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