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I have been trying to find ways to shine the best light on my progress with my February goals without making a ton of excuses. The reality is, I didn’t do all that well with either of my stated goals, at least not as stated.

My first goal was to reach the exercise goal of at least 20 minutes of scheduled exercise at least 20 days of the month. While I have done a ton of movement over the last month (crazy February, with a birthday, Jim’s job hunt and him being out-of-town quite a bit, and all that’s involved with the decision to move (not to mention trying to get started on all that has to happen before then), I haven’t actually maintained the schedule  of running/walking I started at the end of January. This is when wearing a pedometer, as a dear friend suggested, would help. February was more of a “mommy, wife, busy person” sort of month and my scheduled exercise stepped to the side for “running around like crazy”. So, the result is I got my heart rate up for extended periods of time on at least 20 days in February, just not in the manner my goal implied.

My second goal was to add a greater variety of veggies to my diet and to cut down on sweets. While I did a fairly good job on cutting down on sweets, I could still do better. As for expanding my veggie menu, not so much. Many of our meals in February were of the “grab ’em and go” variety, so I didn’t do much experimenting with new menus. I did eat a good number of salads and other easy-to-prepare vegetables, but I didn’t exactly expand my horizons or add nutrients I don’t usually get.

So, it was sort of a mixed bag in terms of my goals for last month. This month, since I am a bigtime planner, my goals are to figure out how/when I’m going to get everything done I have to do in the near future without losing my mind, to do so without diving into bags of unhealthy sweets, and to stay excited about the move and approach it one step at a time.

If I can keep the stress down by scheduling some “me time exercise”, all the better, but I’m not going to add to the stress by setting that as a goal. 🙂

How are your goals for the year (or month, if you’re setting shorter term goals) going?

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