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Rolling Stones

You’ve heard the old saying, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. Well, there is certainly no moss growing on our family these days. About 10 days ago, we were in our future city for Jim’s interview. We came back home, made our decision, and within a few days were heading to another city in our current state for a baton twirling competition.

The competition itself was very tiring (probably due more to our hectic schedules lately rather than the competition itself), but also a great experience for the kids. Emerald received some very encouraging feedback. In one event (one for first-time competitors and for twirlers who have never won first place), Emerald was the only twirler. While she was disappointed to not have anyone else in that event with her (she wanted to win a first place if she performed the best in the event, not because she was the only one in the event), that event wound up giving her the biggest confidence boost so far. After her routine, the judge called her up to his table to tell her that she is very talented and to keep it up. He also told her to tell her mom that she did a great job!

Emerald also got some unexpected coaching from a woman who turned out to be the grandmother of a champion twirler and the mother of two of the judges. She saw Emerald practicing and gave her a few pointers. At first, I wasn’t sure how Emerald would feel about being corrected by a total stranger minutes before she had to compete, but she genuinely appreciated the tips and made the appropriate tweaks (most of them were things she had been told by her own coach, but was forgetting to do). I was so proud of her! In the end, Emerald left with four medals (a 1st place, a 3rd place, a 4th place, and a 5th place) and Sapphire left with two (both first place — her events were smaller than most of Emerald’s, two girls).

After the competition, we headed home to get some sleep, unpack our overnight bags, and repack them for a very quick trip to N.C. We flew out early Sunday afternoon, without checking our local weather forecast (although it probably wouldn’t have mattered). Monday morning, we got instant alerts from Emerald’s school that school was delayed (and later changed to closed) due to “inclement weather”. Over the weekend, we had severe thunderstorms with tornado warnings nearby, so my first thought was more of the same. Jim did a quick online check of Virginia weather, and wouldn’t you know it, our long-awaited snow occurred unexpectedly while we were out-of-town? Five to six inches, as a matter of fact. Our poor kids missed their only snow day of the year so far (the only other snow we’ve had this year was over Presidents’ Day, so school was out anyway) and from what I can tell from friends’ Facebook posts, pictures, and blogs, we also missed some great sledding and snowman/woman-making opportunities. Sigh. Double-sigh. Our biggest concern at the time, however, was would we be able to get back in town safely Monday evening. Luckily for us at least in terms of travel, the snow melted quickly, especially on the roads, and there wasn’t much, if any, refreezing by the time we arrived back in town.

We headed home without incident, and hit our respective mattresses almost as soon as we walked in the door.

Today we’re going to try to gather a little moss. Sapphire has preschool this morning, but Emerald’s school is closed , not due to weather, but rather due to the fact that the boys’ basketball team at our local high school is playing in the state championship semi-finals today. [The school board wanted faculty, staff, and students to be able to attend the game and support their team, if they so desired.] Emerald is sleeping in. I am vegging out in front of the computer (and maybe in a few minutes, the t.v.) before tackling some mundane chores, and hopefully catching a movie this afternoon. Jim is on spring break this week, so hopefully, he’ll join me in vegging out prior to the movie.

How are you all spending your Tuesday? Does anyone else feel like a rolling stone?


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