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Today’s wardrobe dilemma: Does this really cute, springy top (Emerald’s new fave that she couldn’t wait to wear) meet dress code at school?

The rule is that a top must meet the 3 finger rule. That is, the child has to be able to fit 3 of her fingers on the strap of the top, in order for it to be appropriate for school. The very top of this strap on her shoulder does not quite meet the rule, but the overshirt covers most of her shoulder.

But it’s possible (likely) that the overshirt will slip off her shoulder at some point during the day.

Would this be OK? Would anyone comment? Would she get in trouble? More importantly, would she worry about it all day and constantly pull it back into place?


Now she can totally rock her new outfit!

Whew! I wish all dilemmas were so easily solved. 🙂


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  1. We’ve used the same solution for some of our girls’ outfits.

    The rule that gets us is the length of tunics, dresses, and skirts. Even if girls are wearing leggings underneath (and my girls always do), the garments must be at least the length of the girls’ fingertips (where they reach on their thighs). I understand this rule but am irritated when I get a call from school letting me know that my daughter needs either a longer top or different, non-leggings bottoms in order to meet code. I wouldn’t let either of my girls out of the house dressed in an immodest or inappropriate manner, so I don’t appreciate it when the school second-guesses me. That said, I do understand that not all parents are as on top of things as I am.

    • That rule drives us crazy, too. Emerald has very long arms, so a dress/tunic that is a perfectly appropriate length in our estimation is sometimes too short on her according to the rule. The very same dress/tunic would likely be fine on another child her height, who hasn’t inherited “ape arms”. 🙂 But, I do understand the rule and we do comply. It’s amazing how fast a dress can go from being fine to being too short (she won’t stop growing:)), so we have to watch it.

  2. Emma’s school has a dress code too, but they’re not militant about it, which I appreciate. Of course, it’s a smaller, private school, and I think the fact that all the parents know all the teachers and staff makes everyone a little more accountable. Her preschool had a uniform, but this school says it believes that learning to make decisions about what is and isn’t appropriate to wear to school is an important life lesson. Given some of the outfits my college students show up in, I have to agree!

  3. Please tell E that I LOVE that top on her. So bright and cheery…just like her.

    I love the t-shirt solution. It certainly gives her a lot of confidence to move, run, play, and keep up with whatever the day brings.

  4. Rock on with your awesome new shirt; following rules such as this can be annoying but you came up with a creative solution that will allow you to relax at school during the day. And hey, you can always remove the undershirt once you get home 🙂

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