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Enjoying Spring

After having been under the weather for close to two weeks and having a bad migraine on Wednesday, I awoke yesterday with some spring in my step (pun intended). I had missed spending time outside with Sapphire on the gorgeous spring-like days this week. She had been out in the yard every afternoon, but she was looking forward to the day I would join her (rather than watching through the window).

Yesterday was our day. We reprised our roles as pirates, played a quick game of horseshoes, and took a spin at fine art, with our driveway as the canvas.

We drew all of our favorite things about spring:

Sapphire wrote all of our names for the world (or our small neighborhood) to see.

And drew portraits of her daddy and her sissy.

After we were done, she posed among our creations.


And pointed out her very favorite drawing (at my request).

What a glorious afternoon! [Glorious? Not a word I usually use, but it sure does fit! :)]


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