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Don’t Speak

I really am not a big fan of making phone calls, especially ones to businesses. I don’t know why. I always do fine with them, but I just dread each time I have to do it. So as is my custom, I have been putting off making one this week. It’s not a big deal, I’ve been telling myself. Tuesday’s no different from Monday. Wednesday’s no different from Tuesday, and so on. Well, today was the day I was going to have to do it. Not that it’s a big deal call, but it is something we need done at some point in the near future. Today was it, no excuses, no more delays, no more finding other things to do instead.

So wouldn’t you know it? I woke up with laryngitis today. I can barely get a sentence out before my voice fades on me. This unexpected occurrence has allowed me to extend my procrastination into next week, where I’m sure it’ll linger again until Friday. 🙂

This is the third year in a row I’ve had laryngitis. I had had it a few times before that, but never every year. [And yes, I have had an endoscopy for an unrelated reason and my throat was fine.] I wonder if I’m being sent the message that I talk too much. 🙂

Anyway, for obvious reasons, this song has been in my head all morning.

I know, it has nothing to do with laryngitis, but “don’t speak” is exactly what I have to do today, so those lyrics are running a loop through my brain.

What sound track is your mind playing today?

P.S. My gross-out moment for the day: I was going to give the dogs fresh water outside on the deck. I noticed from the window that there was something in the water that looked like a small frog or a toad, so I went out there all prepared to shoo a critter away. Instead of a frog or similar creature, I found a dead mouse, complete with droppings. Yuck!

And poor doggies. I know that this occurred over night or early this morning when the dogs were inside, since I changed their water yesterday and checked it again later in the day, but I hope they did not drink from there this morning before I scrubbed out the dish and refilled it with fresh water. I’ll say it again: YUCK!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. My husband and I are both really awful about making phone calls too. I so wish that more businesses would let you set up appointments with an electronic calendar, because sometimes I can procrastinate things like making dentist appointments for a year!

    • Me, too. If I don’t make the next dentist appointment while I’m in the office, I can be really late with it. Same with all doctor’s appointments. I try to get Jim to make calls that affect both of us or the kids, but there are still some I have to make.

  2. I hate making phone calls. I’ve had a list to make all week. I’ve spaced it out and only have one more to go.

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