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Like many preschools, Sapphire’s school has the letter of the week, in which the kids learn about that week’s letter, the sound it makes, and words that begin with it. They have a story and a song of the week. This week is “W” week. For the first time ever, her teachers have decided to have Wacky Wednesday (today), a day on which the kids dress as wacky as they want to. They will have a contest to see which kid has dressed the wackiest, but all kids will get a prize. Sapphire has been so excited to show her friends her goofy look (she’s decided she doesn’t really like the word “wacky”). Yesterday, we batted around ideas, and last night we pulled her look together. She proudly modeled it for her dad and her sissy. She even slept in her wacky hairdo (except for the back part because it would’ve been too uncomfortable to sleep on). This morning, she woke up early, all ready to don her apparel. We added the final touches and voilà:

That’s one “goofy” outfit! 🙂 What would you wear for Wacky Day?


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  1. Awesome!

    I have never been successful at dressing the right way for wacky/tacky days. I never go quite far enough and end up looking more “bag lady” than quirky.

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