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Wiggle Room

Last night, as Sapphire was eating “the biggest piece” of her chocolate bunny that the Easter bunny brought her, she suddenly started crying. Thinking she may have bitten her lip, I asked her where she hurt. She had a hard time answering me, with her mouth still full of bunny and with her crying, so she pointed.

She didn’t point to her lip as I expected. Instead she pointed to her bottom front teeth. Realizing this was likely her first ever loose tooth, I wiggled the one on the right and what do you know, it wiggled quite a bit.

I excitedly told her, “You have your first loose tooth!” She wiggled it herself. Almost instantly, the tears stopped, the pain forgotten as the excitement of the moment took hold.

She smiled broadly and grew more and more excited. “My first loose tooth,” she said repeatedly, beaming with pride. We started talking about The Tooth Fairy. Since she knew Emerald had made a request of the tooth fairy the last time she lost a tooth (her request was a new toothbrush, instead of money :)), we told Sapphire that she could make a request for this very first tooth (and maybe the last one) and we’d see if we could get the message to The Tooth Fairy. She asked for an Ariel mermaid doll.

Then her brain wandered away from the exciting aspects of the discovery and the treat from The Tooth Fairy, and the questions began. “How does the tooth come out?”; “Do you have to pull it?”; “Do people ever swallow their tooth?”; “What if it comes out during the night while I’m asleep?”; “What if it comes out at school?”

Luckily we were able to satisfactorily answer all of her questions and the worry went away, at least for now.

And she must be wiggling that tooth a lot, because this morning, it’s a lot looser than it was last night. I hope The Tooth Fairy’s order from Amazon has time to get here before that tooth decides to let go.


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  1. How exciting! And she’s going to look so cute with that little gap in her smile.

  2. On her fourth tooth, Emma got so frustrated (it was hampering her ability to eat corn on the cob) that she reached up and pulled the tooth right out 🙂 She also almost swallowed her first one –it came out in a banana she was eating, and we had trouble telling the tooth from banana. Do they give out those little plastic teetch necklaces in Sapphire’s preschool class if they lose their tooth at school?

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