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All I Can Say is Awwww

Emerald started middle school this week. This new (to us) school really has it going on. I have never seen my girl so excited to go to school and so happy when she returns. She can’t say enough good things about her teachers and she’s already made “a lot” of new friends. I am so happy things are going so smoothly.

I am also thrilled that Em’s Language Arts teacher is starting them off with a lot of writing. That was one area I was less than pleased with at her old school. In two days, she has had two writing assignments. The first was a paragraph about the jitters she had regarding starting middle school. Yesterday’s assignment was to complete a sheet of “getting to know you” questions or statements and then to pick one of them as a prompt for a paragraph.

The statement Emerald chose was: “The person I most respect”.

And here is her paragraph:

“I respect my mom the most because she is always there for me. She is the one who taught me cursive. She is the one who taught me how to cook baked beans and cakes. She is the reason I’m here today. Thanks, Mommy.”

Rather than writing this and quietly slipping it into her backpack, she couldn’t wait to share it with me. She wanted me to know what she’d written and she greatly enjoyed the joy on my face as she read it. Jim and I have a very sweet girl in our midst (two of them actually). I knew that all along and I knew that my kids love me, but to hear one of them say she also respects me is just wonderful.

This paragraph brought forth another realization, as well. I spent a lot of time Sunday night and during the day on Monday worrying that my shy girl would have a rough start in her new school, in her new town. I was afraid she would get upset if she had trouble finding her classes. I worried that she would eat lunch alone. What I had forgotten in all that  worrying was that she has grown into a mature, independent, and even confident young lady. And tonight I was pleasantly reminded that while she is growing up and starting her own path, she is still my little girl. Okay, maybe not so little, but still my girl.

That makes this growing up thing a whole lot easier on Mom. That, and the fact that I’m seeing that while Jim and I are surely making a lot of mistakes, we are raising two fabulous young women. We must be doing something right. For that I am truly thankful.


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  1. What a blessing! Well done, momma!
    I saw a saying the other day “don’t become so obsessed with raising a great child that you forget that you already have one.”
    It’s hard to keep your eyes on the present when we’re ‘good moms’ and worrying about the future. This is such a good reminder to focus on the now and to find peace in it.

  2. Awwwwwwww…

  3. You are doing a LOT of things right. I don’t think we’ll ever start worrying about our kids any less, but it sure is nice to constantly be reassured that we are equipping them as best we can to handle the world as best they can. PS – any chance Em can teach me how to make baked beans? I need a good new recipe.

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