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The Tacky Neighbors

We don’t tend to decorate for holidays or seasons, except for Christmas. That is the one season that we go all out. In December, we decorate everything in sight. For some reason, the spirit doesn’t tend to move us any other time of the year.

Well, at least that is usually the case. This year, we are in a new house, in a new neighborhood. Heck, in a new city. This year, everything’s topsy-turvy. And this year, our neighborhood seems to delight in Halloween. So we caught the fever. I should say, the girls caught it and passed it on to Jim and me (mostly me) this weekend.

Just call us the new tacky neighbors. We’re okay with that. šŸ™‚


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  1. I think it’s a lot of fun when neighborhoods get into Halloween and Christmas. It certainly makes it more special for the resident children.

  2. justus4carters said:

    I wish we had the Tacky Neighbors. We live on Grinch Cul-de-sac and nobody decorates for anything. They even leave their lights off on Halloween.

    And, I don’t think your decorations are tacky – but tactfully kitschy. Good work!

  3. I LOVE your decorations!

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