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Deal Breaker

I am a big fan of the old game shows. I was so thrilled when our AT&T Uverse service included Game Show Network. Along with HGTV, it is one of my top two picks for mindless t.v. watching.  My favorite game shows are the ones I remember watching with my mom and my siblings during summer breaks when I was a kid. Occasionally, I turn on the tube for a few sit-down moments during the day and check in on my two favorite networks. This morning I caught the last few minutes of Card Sharks (from the 1980s), which I had totally forgotten about until very recently, but which I used to greatly enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know, the premise of this show is that staff members have polled 100 people (sometimes specific groups, sometimes general population) about a particular question and the contestants have to guess how many of the 100 people answered a certain way. The contestant first asked the question gives an actual number and his/her reasoning for that number, and then the other contestant says whether he/she thinks the number is higher or lower than the one given by his/her opponent. The correct contestant gets to then see his/her first card and guess whether the next card is higher or lower until he/she has either chosen to “freeze” or continues through the seven card or so to win the game.

The question this morning that caught my attention was a poll of 100 women who wear glasses as to whether or not they believe the old adage “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”. The first contestant to play this question was a man, who said that he thought a high number of women who wear glasses would say “yes” because he personally doesn’t like women who wear glasses so he guesses a lot of men feel the same way.

I had an immediate negative reaction to his answer, and by extension to him. I started judging not just his statement, but everything I could tell about him. First of all, he wasn’t very attractive (imho). Who was he to decide that all women who wear glasses are not attractive? Glasses have nothing to do with what the person is like. What a horrible way to decide whom to date. Etc., etc.

But when I calmed down a little, I asked myself if I had any deal breakers when it came to dating (back when I was dating). Deal breakers that had nothing to do with who the person was. And of course, I instantly recalled that I didn’t date men who smoked. I think it’s a nasty habit. The smoke makes me cough. I don’t like to smell it on my clothes, in my car, or in my house. Second-hand smoke is unhealthy. And the list goes on. I can probably give you many more reasons, if it really mattered to list them all.

The point is, although I still really dislike his answer (which was completely wrong according to the poll on the show, btw) and the attitude behind it, I realized it’s not too unusual for people to have their own personal deal breakers when it comes to finding the perfect life partner.

So I ask you, dear reader, do/did you have any personal deal breakers that aren’t/weren’t related to who your potential date was or is as a person, but rather something else about his or her looks, accessories, dress, or personal habits, or the like?


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  1. Mine was smoking too, which turned out to be kind of funny. I didn’t really even think of it as a deal-breaker, but I hardly knew anyone who smoked and just assumed that educated people knew it was a bad idea and didn’t do it. I think I made a couple of off-hand comments to Rob about it when we first got together. Turns out he was a smoker –he’d gotten to the point where he only smoked a couple of times a week, and only outside, so there was no smoke smell to give it away. He told me later that I was the reason he finally quit for real –it was obvious that if he wanted me, he shouldn’t be smoking 🙂

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