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Robin Masters’ Territory

There is a whole lot of excitement around our house. We are making lists. We are checking pamphlets and books, and websites. We just can’t stop smiling and planning. It’s not Christmas we’re thinking of. It’s the fabulous trip we have recently booked for Jim’s and Sapphire’s spring break in March. [Emerald’s break is a week later, so that’s when she’ll hopefully be making up all the work she’ll miss, but it’ll definitely be worth it.]

So where are we going?

Hint #1:

Hint #2:

Hint #3:

Got it yet? Here’s the dead giveaway:

That’s right. We are going to Hawaii!! We’ve been promising the kids for a while that we’d take them there. So the time is now . . . well, 5 months from now.

We’re flying into Honolulu and spending 3 full days, 4 nights on Waikiki. On the fourth day, we’ll fly to the Big Island (flying into Kona) and will explore there for the remaining 3 days of our adventure. We’re busy now picking our specific activities. We have lots of ideas and have just about filled all the days already (in our minds anyway, reservations for the activities will be made soon).

Waiting for March will be the hardest part, but of course there are lots of fun things to look forward to between now and then. And we’ll watch lots of Magnum PI as a warm-up. 😉 The kids are thrilled you can see our hotel on Waikiki in some of the scenes.

And they can’t contain their excitement that their dream trip is actually scheduled (and partially paid for). Neither can Jim and I. This will be a trip to remember, for all of us.

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  1. I am SO excited for you! This is going to be an amazing adventure.

  2. Have a GREAT time! I’d love to go someday.

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