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Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of our move. No, we didn’t celebrate it in grand style. In fact, we didn’t even realize it, although it had crossed my mind several times in the last week that it was coming.

When the girls and I got home yesterday, they noticed that our next door neighbors were in their front yard, having just said goodbye to a friend of theirs who was over for a playdate. Sapphire jumped out of the car, ran over to their yard and told them that she had to take her backpack inside and unpack her lunch bag and then she could play.

After we went inside and the girls put their bags away and did that small chore, we all went back outside to find the neighbor children waiting patiently by their back gate and when they saw our kids, all four kids ran into our backyard and began playing.

A few minutes later, as I was talking with our next door neighbor and we were both watching the kids play, I got a text from our neighbor across the street asking if we were home because her daughter wanted to play. I texted her back that we were in the backyard with the other neighbors and told them to come on over. They did.

Six kids playing happily in the backyard until dark. A bunch of happy pictures of said children taken by Emerald on her phone. Adult socializing time thrown in for good measure. Blissful.

In some ways it feels like forever since we moved. In some ways it feels like it just happened. And although we most definitely miss our friends and our favorite haunts, we are home.


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  1. What a wonderful thing, to have neighbors with kids the right age to play with yours. Emma would give a lot for that 🙂

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