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Waiting in Virtual Line

mailboxI admit to being a science geek, not so much a technology geek. My dear husband is very proud to call himself both. His latest adventure in the techno-geek arena is his excitement over being in line for Mailbox, a new free mail app for Gmail.

Last week he mentioned that he had made a reservation to get the app (which is the only way you can get it) and there were 413, 829 people ahead of him in line (and only 254,495 people behind him). He got a lot of joy in watching the number count down in front of his very eyes and just about as much joy in my scoffing at the whole process and verifying his geekiness. The validation just makes him giddy. 🙂

A few minutes ago there were 102,773 people ahead of him and 687,711 behind him.

The app gets 3 1/2 stars with 6,497 reviews. The biggest complaint: having to wait. Ya think?

So tell me, would you get in virtual line for an app and delight in watching as you move closer and closer to the front? Or do you find all this just a bit on the ridiculous side?

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  1. I wouldn’t even know that there was an app I needed to get on the list for, much less be on the list or watch my progress.

    • I wouldn’t either, Jen. Jim reads a bunch of tech blogs and finds these things out. I’m happy with my simple little mail program (or app on my phone? I don’t even know the terminology.:)).

  2. Maybe its like betting on ebay. Sometimes I just bet to raise the price. Guess its not the same but there is something about virtual social interactions that is obsessive.

    • Lisa, That is too funny. I bet that’s pretty annoying to the other bidders. It kinda reminds me of the auction in the first “Sex in the City Movie”. Smith bids on the phone through someone else to buy Samantha the ring she’s bidding on. It’s sweet that he wants to give it to her, but he also drives the price way up so she has to bow out.

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