Musings from Home


Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m blogging to you from my home in North Carolina, where I live with my wonderful husband Jim and my two awesome and amazing daughters (the gems of my life), Emerald age 11 and Sapphire age 6.

My background is in science and a piece of my heart has always belonged to writing. I have many thoughts to share (some of them probably a bit off the beaten path) and we’ll see where they take us. So I hope you’ll join me as I meander through the mazes of my life. I expect (and hope) we’ll all find some interesting, fun, and curious things along the way.

If you’d like to ask me something or comment to me personally, e-mail me at meanderingthemaze AT gmail DOT com.


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  1. thecoastallivingmom said:

    I would like to present you with the Liebster Blog Award for up and coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers. I enjoy reading your blog and hope this award brings more followers to do the same. Please visit me and read more about this award and the other nominees!

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